Greg Pontius Art

Greg Pontius, a long time resident of Hawaii, was born in Seattle, and lived most of his young life in a small desert town in Eastern Washington, where he developed a love for drawing. His high school offered an extensive four year wood and metal shop program that gave him a wonderful avenue for expression. Greg started college  in  Spokane, where the emphasis was Commercial Arts. After a successful year he moved on to a Fine Arts Program in Everett, Washington. This was a school with no limits, allowing him to express freely in oil painting, metal, glass blowing,  and what would later become his favorite, wood sculpture..

  •    Greg is very busy carving turtles, dolphins, whales, and other sea life sculpture, along with bamboo and abstract fine art pieces. He spends much time in his studio nestled in the jungle on the northern end of the Big Island where he lives with his wife and son.
Dancing Dolphin

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