Kohala Sugar Mill

Old Kohala Sugar Mill, Kohala Lighthouse, Pololu Valley, Old Girls School at Bond Estate, Kalahikiola Church, Driving into Hawi Town from Kawaihae, You can see the old Hawi Mill stack which stood many years after the Mill Closed. Painting by Bobi Moreno
Kohala Sugar Mill 1939. Old Kohala Light House in the foreground. Painting by Bobi Moreno
We cut down a very large Rubber Tree in the yard. The rubber tree can grow to over 100 feet tall in the wild. This one was planted in the 1970s when we knew little about how large it would become. I would have let it live, there is something majestic about such huge trees. Kapa’au, Kohala
Rubber Trees, like Banyan Trees send down roots from the tree which help to support the large branches. This one was huge.