Hawaiian Garden Spider (Argiope appensa) Female DDZ_0053 ...Loc found a Hawaiian Garden Spider, what we call an x wing spider because of the X structure at the center of the web and the alignment of the legs. He then launced into an impromptu spiel which wasn’t bad for off the cuff speaking in front of a camera.

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20200926 101244
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This species shows an evident sexual dimorphism. The strikingly black and yellow females are 5.1–6.4 cm (2–2.5 in) long, including legs, while the brown males reach only about 1.9 cm (0.75 in).

In Hawaii they are referred to as Hawaiian garden spiders. In Hawaii, they are known to be quite communal (see picture), with multi-generational specimens living within close quarters, using the same anchor lines for separate webs.

On Guam, where Argiope appensa is ubiquitous, it is frequently visited by Argyrodes argentatus, that steals food from the host. Locals there refer to them as banana spiders.

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