Lokahi Ohana

LOKAHI (unity). Lokahi is the importance of living harmoniously with the environment and those who occupy the same space. It does not necessarily involve simple agreement with one another on socio-political issues, but instead refers to being able to live in harmony despite differences.

ALOHA (love & compassion) is the acceptance of a person, not necessarily their actions. There are mechanisms within the culture that help to deal with problems that arise. Ho’oponopono is effective in helping to settle differences. The process of ho’oponopono can be employed in order to assist understanding and forgiveness.

LAULIMA (cooperation) literally means “many hands”. In order to achieve our goals, working together is imperative. Social learning is culturally appropriate. Teamwork is stressed. Individual achievement is encouraged in as much as each person’s contribution helps the group.
Ha’aha’a (humility) allows everyone to continue to learn and improve. Being humble is not false modesty, but a confidence in oneself that allows you to accept others.

: To have a good time; fun; amusement.

MAKA’ALA: To be aware; alert; watchful, attend to vigilantly. “E maka’ala mai I ka hana” “Tend to the Job.

“There is a lot more to skateboarding than just a board and four wheels. This is not an organized sport. Thereare not any rules. It can be competetive, It can be an art form and it’s naturally atractive to kids. It satisfies every kid’s desire to push himself to see if he can do it.”

KULEANA (responsibility, ownership, privilege) is something that must be taught. It is both a responsibility and a privilege to be a member of an ‘ohana. It requires that each person assume ownership of that ‘ohana. Each persons’ actions reflect on the whole. Each persons’ role is both defined and defines the ‘ohana.

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MALAMA (care for, serve, honor) the land. Malama the ‘ohana in order to preserve it. Caring for one another, for our homes, our families, our community, and the world is needed if we are to find true lokahi. Conservation and preservation are only part of the picture. We must also malama ourselves.

OHANA (family) once referred to the bonds created by blood. The word ‘Ohana comes from the root word ‘oha which is the name given to the tiny rootlets sent out from a single kalo (taro). Extended family is the western way to describe an ‘ohana, however, today the term has grown to include any group united by a single purpose. Being a member of any ‘ohana indicates a higher level of commitment than would be expected of a member of a club or hui. Implicit in the ‘ohana is the importance of keiki or children as the continuation of the people, and the importance of kupuna or elders as the repositories of knowledge and wisdom. In an ‘ohana, mutual support is an expectation.

The Realization of a Dream

NA’AU PONO (upright & just) is the way that each member tries to live in order to assure that he/she will be treated with justice.

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