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Roots Skate Park At Kamehameha Park, Kapaau Hawaii

Along with the physical rewards gained from skateboarding, there are a number of mental and emotional benefits as well.  Skateboarding naturally teaches kids how to set goals and overcome fears through the organic path of progression that is embedded in the act of
skating.  Overcoming fears and reaching set goals helps to build confidence and self-esteem in kids as they grow and develop.  Factors that can be crucial to future success in school, careers, and life in general.  Skaters learn to take initiative and have ownership in the process of attaining goals on their own as they skateboard.  Skateboarding can help.

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The intrinsic rewards of skateboarding cannot be discounted.  Educators understand that a child’s success in school is heavily influenced by early childhood experiences that form and mold a child’s self-concept.  A child needs to have positively reinforcing experiences that illustrate to them how they can solve problems, attain goals, and have control over the direction their life will take. The concepts that are learned while achieving a skill in skateboarding are just as important as the skill itself.

A young person who has experienced the success of reaching set goals, has developed a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem, and who also can relate and interact positively with others, is going to approach future situations with confidence and an increased chance for success.  The sport of skateboarding when utilized properly can be a vehicle to enhance a student’s adaptations to any experiences they may encounter. in life.

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We are always learning, it’s just that we choose to learn things that are interesting to us. A student might have a hard time learning when Rome fell, but he can tell you his favorite quarterback’s number. Why is that? It’s because for learning to stick, it has to be relevant. You have to care about it, and when you do, well, it’s sort of easy!

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